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Půlnoční blues (Midnight _blues)


Hudba Tempo Držení: Vzor. stop: Předepsaný  
Pochod 6/8, 2/4,4/4 56t/2d/min, 28t/4d/min, 112d/min Viz. kroky v poznámce    
Držení Krok Partner Doby Partnerka
Kilian 1 LFO LFO 3
3 LFI Open Mohawk LFI Open Mohawk 2
Tandem 4 RBI RBI 1
Reverse 6 RFO RFO 3
Kilian 7 LFO LFO 2
Tandem 10 RFI RFI 2
Open Mohawk Open Mohawk
11 LBI LBI 1
12 RBO RBO 3
Optional 13a LFO LFO -3 2
Hand 13b RFI 1
Hold 14 LFO RBO 2
Closed 16 LFO Swing RBO Swing 6
(viz.pozn.) 17a RFO LBO 6
17b RFO 1
17c LFI
17d RBI
17e LBO
Closed 18 LFO Swing RBO Swing 6
19a RFOI Change edge LBO 6
Kilian 19b RFI
20 LFO LFO 2
21 RFI RFI 1
22 LFO LFO 3
Tandem 23 RFI RFI 2
Open Mohawk Open Mohawk
Kilian 24 LBI LBI 1
25 RBO RBO 3
První krokova sekvence test verze (Video ukázka)
Druhá krokova sekvence test verze (Video ukázka)
The Midnight Blues should be skated with strong edges and deep knee action to achieve the desired slow, rhythmic, relaxed and easygoing expression. Individual interpretation by the couple to add Blues character is permitted, provided that the steps, free leg positions and positions/holds are maintained. The dance must be skated with the full pattern and deep lobes as described in the diagram. "The Beginning Section" — Steps 1-4 The dance begins with the couple in an unusual open position (reverse Foxtrot hold) skating progressive Steps 1 and 2 (which mirror each other), and should be skated on an even lobe that starts towards the center of the rink. On Step 3, the lady skates two fast "behind cross foot" three-turns (Steps 3a and 3b), turning on the last half count of beat three and the last half count of beat four while the man joins her as he skates his RFO "behind cross foot" three turn, turning on the last half count of beat four. On Step 4a, the man passes the lady, (to track behind her) while they assume a brief "Kilian" hold (with both of his hands on her hips). On this step (4 for the lady), they commence with the free foot remaining crossed behind and then skate with "fan" leg kicks, ending with back coupées (on count three) after which the lady skates a slight change of edge on count four while the man steps forward on a RFI (Step 4b) on count four of the same measure. "The Swing Change to the Tuck" — Steps 5-9 The couple skate two one-beat progressive/run steps (Steps 5 and 6) in closed hold before assuming outside hold during the swing before the change of edge for the beginning of Step 7. On Step 7, the man skates an LFO while swinging the free leg forward on count four of the measure, changes edge to LFI and swings his free leg back on count one of the next measure, turns his three on count two of the next measure (while resuming closed hold), concluding with a leg lift. The lady matches this step with an RBO with back free leg swing, changing to RBI with forward free leg swing before her back three turn and leg lift. On count one of the next measure, the man skates a cross in front RBI (Step 8) while the lady performs an LFI progressive/run. He skates a wide LBI (Step 9a), then an RBO (Step 9b) concluding with a leg tuck on count four, while the lady steps wide onto her Step 9, turns her RFI three-turn on count two, and moves into a brief Kilian hold and concludes with a matching leg tuck. "The Swoop" - Steps 10-12 This section of the dance begins on count one with Step 10, a cross in front LBI for the man and an LFO for the lady in closed hold. The man commences his long nine-beat Step 11 on count two, turns an RBO three-turn on count three, executes a front coupée-RFI bracket on count four, a coupée behind on count one of the next measure; he then holds the RBO edge with his free foot extended back for three more counts whereupon he skates a change of edge (after which outside hold is assumed), extends his free leg forward (placing his left ankle under the lady's left ankle while she is in "attitude" position) for two beats, and concludes with an RBI rocker on the “and” at the end of count two of the next measure. The lady, during the man's Step 11, skates a right progressive (Step 11a), then an LFO front coupée three-turn (Step 11b) while he turns his bracket. For Step 11c, after an RBO three-turn turned under his left arm (turned on count two of the next measure), they resume closed hold. She extends her left leg backward, and as she changes edge to an outside, they assume outside “hand-to-hand” hold (so the lady is now facing the man with both hands extended) and places her extended bent left leg behind her (across her tracing) in her "attitude" position (where his left ankle touches hers) for two beats (counts one and two of the next measure). They conclude this step with her RFO rocker and his RBI rocker on the “and” between counts two and three. On count three the man then thrusts strongly (in reverse outside hold) on to an LFO (Step 12) for his LFO three on count four, while she skates a cross in front LBI and then turns her counter-clockwise twizzle of one revolution, on count four as well, followed by a very short RBO on "and.” "The Edge Section" — Steps 13-16 On Step 13, the lady skates a four-beat LFO. The man skates a two-beat RBO (Step 13a) in closed hold and an LFO (Step 13b) for two beats in open hold. The couple skate an RFO cross roll (Step 14) as the man turns his three-turn on count two and extends his free leg to match the lady's four-beat swing roll. This is followed by an LFO three-turn for the lady turned on count two of the next measure (her Step 15), while he skates an LFO (Step 15a), cross behind RFI (Step 15b); concluding with a two-beat outside edge for both (Step 16 - an LFO for the man and an RBO for the lady). "The Ina Bauer" — Steps 17-21 The man commences with a cross roll onto an RFO (Step 17a) and on count two skates a cross behind LFI into an "Ina Bauer" for two counts. The lady skates a back cross roll LBO turning a three-turn on count two, joining the man in Kilian hold to match the "Ina Bauer" (both with body weight on the LFI and the right foot in reverse position on an RBI) followed by a fast three-turn on the count of "and" (without lifting the right foot off the ice). On count one, both skate a two-beat cross in front RBI (Step 18), followed by a very fast LBI (stepped wide by both) on the "and" between counts two and three. The section concludes (on Step 19) when the man skates an RBO for four counts while the lady steps onto an RBO and immediately turns a back twizzle of one revolution on count four, then holds the edge for two beats extending her leg to match the man. Both conclude with a progressive/run, on beats three and four (Step 20 - LFO, and Step 21 - RFI) "The Layover /Layback" — Steps 22-23 This section begins in Kilian hold with an LFO (Step 22) for both skaters on count one. Step 23 commences on count two, then the lady skates an RFI rocker on count three and briefly tucks her leg, holding the back edge for count four and assuming a "layback" position on count one of the next measure. The man skates his RFI change of edge at the same time as the lady skates her rocker on count three, changing to outside hold. Continuing on his right foot, on count one the man assumes a "layover" position, skating on his RFO with his free leg extended backwards while supporting the lady in her "layback" position (on her RBI) with her left leg extended to parallel the line of the man's free leg. Their body positions should also be parallel and they should be as horizontal to the ice as possible. These positions are held for two beats and are completed when they rise up to execute matching double three-turns on counts three and four. During the three-turns the man moves his partner from his right side to his left side in preparation for the next step. "The Concluding Section" — Steps 24–26 The dance is concluded by the man skating Step 24 as cross roll LFO three-turn (outside hold) on count two, while the lady skates her LBI (Step 24) followed by the couple skating an RBO in Kilian position (Step 25) on count three. On count four, the lady skates a cross cut LBI (Step 26a) while the man commences his Step 26 with a cross cut. The lady then skates her Step 26b with an RBO swing roll as they mirror each other in reverse Foxtrot hold in preparation for the restart of the dance while the man matches her leg swing. Definitions: Attitude: The free leg is bent at a 90-degree angle, and brought up, out and behind. Behind Cross-Foot Three: A three-turn skated with the free foot crossed in behind the skating foot instead of at the heel. Coupée: The free foot is held up in contact with the skating leg from an open hip position so that the free foot is at right angles to the skating foot. Cross Cuts: Similar to cross roll as free leg crosses skating leg above the knee but skated wide onto same (not contrasting) curve. Fan Leg Kick: The free leg swings in an arc (45-degree angle) to the skating leg at hip height, or higher. Ina Bauer: A movement on two feet in which the weight is on the front foot with the back foot extended in the opposite direction but behind the tracing of the leading (front) foot. Tuck: The free foot is held up in contact with the skating leg from a closed hip position (just below the knee).
Midnight Blues SOV points
Sequence Base Steps Code +3 +2 +1 -1 -2 -3
1 st Sequence 1 - 9 1.5 0.7 0.3 1.4 -0.3 -0.7 -1.0
10 - 13 1.5 1.0 0.5 2.1 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5
14 - 19 1.0 0.7 0.3 1.4 -0.3 -0.7 -1.0
20 - 26 1.5 1.0 0.5 2.1 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5
2 nd Sequence 1 - 9 1.5 1.0 0.5 1.6 -0.5 -1.0 --1.5
10 - 13 2.0 1.3 0.6 2.4 -0.6 -1.3 -2.0
14 - 19 1.5 1.0 0.5 1.6 -0.5 -1.0 -1.5
20 - 26 2.0 1.3 0.6 2.4 -0.6 -1.3 -2.0