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Terminologie "A"


"A" - In figure skating this denotes a right foot start. Angular - (Aim) The skate to be employed taking the floor on an arc or flat divergent to the arc or flat being skated. A severely out-of-position broken line of the body.
Position - A closed face-to-face relationship of partners where one partner progresses in a forward direction and the other partner progresses in a backward direction. The forward skating partner tracks the backward skating partner with hips in line and with compatible planning of head and shoulders. transitional steps such as occur during face-toface turns where both partners briefly progress in the same direction are not deviations from this position. When it is specified that a step be executed out of track while in a position it is referred to as Modified A position. Apex - (Free Skating) The highest or uppermost point of a jump. See Height. (Figures) The peak of the arc being skated, always occurring on the long axis.
- The emphasized beats in dance music. See the music section of the Dance Book for more details. Arabesque - A movement in which the body is arched strongly in a continuous line from head through free foot while rolling on any edge or flat. Commonly called a “spiral.”
Adagio - A form of pairs team skating incorporating acrobatics, carries, pivots and other specialized movements not acceptable in competitive pairs skating. Arc - The curve or portion of the circumference of a circle.
Advanced Footwork - See Footwork. Arch - A position of the body in which the spine is tensed backward.
Advanced Movement - Any movement involving a onefoot turn. Artistic Impression - In competition, a score given by judges for the manner in which a routine is performed considering its sureness, carriage, rhythm, and timing of steps and items to the music. See Manner of Performance.
Aim - When the employed skate takes the floor on an arc or flat divergent to the arc or flat being skated (Dancers, see remarks on lobe aim.) Axel - A 1 1/2 Turn Jump performed from a LOF take-off, counterclockwise rotation, to a ROB landing (no toe-stop assist on take-off or landing). Can also be done from a ROF take-off, clockwise rotation, to a LOB landing. a. Single Axel - 1 1/2 turns in the air b. Double Axel - 2 1/2 turns in the air c. triple Axel - 3 1/2 turns in the air
“And” Position - A position used in the preparation for a progressive stroke during which the free foot is placed alongside the skating foot. Axis - (Dance) The angle created by the intersection of a lobe and the dance baseline. The baseline of rotation for turns.(Free Skating) An imaginary straight line about which a body rotates or revolves. The baseline of rotation for a spin or jump.(Figure Skating plural axes) Imaginary lines of symmetry. a. Long Axis - An imaginary straight longitudinal line, which passes through the centers of the two or three figure circles. b. Short Axis - Imaginary straight lines which vertically cross the long axis at the points of tangency of the circle. Sometimes called the transverse axis.


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