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Terminologie "C"


" C " Position - A tandem relationship of partners (one behind the other) wherein both progress in the same direction either forward or backward with the man directly behind the woman. The trailing skater tracks the leading skater with hips in line and with compatible planing of head and shoulders. Cannonball Tuck - See Tuck.
Carriage - The manner in which the body is held while skating. Center 1. The point around which a circle is described. 2. A point around which the body revolves, pivots, rotates, or turns. 3. The centerline of a rink, either real or imaginary.
Center Lobe - Any lobe belonging on the center side of a dance baseline Centered Spin - Series of continuous revolutions around a stationary axis, which passes through a portion of the body.
Circle Spin - See Spin. Clean - A content item performed correctly according to its official description.
Clockwise - Rotation in the direction which the hands of a clock rotate. Closed a. A position of the free leg in front of the body. b. Hip rotation of the free leg inward. c. (Dance) A face-to-face position of partners. d. Competition) Requiring prior qualification
Closed Scoring - A method of scoring in which the judges’ grades are tabulated by the scoring officials without prior public display or announcement of grades or placement ordinals. Closed Competition - A competition requiring prior qualification
Colledge - A 1 1/2 Turn Jump performed from a LOF takeoff, counterclockwise rotation, to a LIB landing (no toe-stop assist on take-off or landing). Can also be done from a ROF take-off, clockwise rotation, to a RIB landing. Also called a Colledge Axel. a. Single Colledge - 1 1/2 turns in the air b. Double Colledge - 2 1/2 turns in the air c. Triple Colledge - 3 1/2 turns in the air Combination - A sequence of connected items performed in succession without interruption.
Combination Jump - See Jump Combination Spin - See Spin
Complete - Executed successfully. Possessing all necessary parts, items, components, or elements. Not lacking anything necessary. Finished Composition Composition - The order or arrangement of items in a free skating/pairs program in proper proportion or relation to the whole skating surface
Competition - A USARS sanctioned contest among skaters. Concentric Rotation - See Rotation
Connecting Jump - See Jump Connecting Movements - Footwork which links together content items in a free skating/pairs program.
Contact Skating - In pairs, movements executed while partners remain in contact with each other. Content of Program - The actual items or ingredients performed by a skater in a free skating/pairs program. See Technical Merit.
Contest - Skaters performing before judges for placement in order of skill. A competition in which each contestant performs without direct contact with or interference from competitors. Contestant - Any skater who participates in one or more events of a contest.
Contestant Team - Any two skaters who participate in one or more events of a contest as a unit, as required by the specific rules for the given contest. Continuous Baseline - A real or imaginary line, which is continuous around the skating surface, in relation to which the correct lobes (and/or flats) of a Border Dance are placed. In patterns with straight-aways, this portion of the continuous baseline would have two straight longitudinal references parallel to each other, which are connected at the ends with semi-circular type reference.
Cork Screw - An IB Sit to IB Camel Combination Spin. Usually proceeded by another Camel. Corner - The area of a skating surface permitting the shortest linear dimension parallel to the barrier, or at right angles to the straightaway. The area of a skating surface of least length. That part of a dance that is to be skated only in the area of a skating surface of least length. That part of a dance specifically designed to connect one straightaway with the other.
Corner Steps - Steps of a dance, which are to be skated only on the corners of the rink. unt a. Music - The numerical reference to the beats of each measure of music. b. Skating - The numerical reference to the beats of a step which may or may not agree with the musician’s count.
Counter (Co) - A one-foot turn without a change of edge with the rotation counter to the direction of the initial edge. Counterclockwise - Rotation in the opposite direction which the hands of a clock rotate.
Credit - An acknowledgement that something is done well. Usually reflected in a higher score given by a judge. Cross Cut - Term used for a forward Cross Over or a backward Cross Pull.
Cross Over - A means of gaining momentum skating forward by crossing the free foot (striking foot) in front of the employed foot (thrusting foot) while bending the striking knee and straightening the thrusting knee. Also called Stroking. Cross Pull a. (Free Skating( A means of gaining momentum skating backward by reaching wide and drawing the free foot skate behind and across the employed skate. The crossing skate is in a leading position. This movement is performed on bentknees with or without rise-and-fall. The employed skate remains the same throughout the movement. b. (Figures) A primary source of momentum in which the free foot is pulled or forced across the tracing foot, i.e., steering.
Cross Roll - See Roll. Cross Stroke - (International Dance) a step started with the feet crossed when the impetus is gained from the outside edge of the foot, which is becoming the free foot.
Crossed Arms Position - See H Position. Crossed Foot Spin - See Spin.
Crossed Step - old-ba. Forward (XF) - A step in which the free foot is placed on the floor along the outer edge side of the skating foot with the calf of the free leg crossed in front of the shin of the skating leg. b. Behind (XB) - A step in which the free foot is placed on the floor along the outer edge side of the skating foot with the shin of the free leg crossed behind the calf of the skating leg. Crossed tracing a. (Dance) - tracing of succeeding steps on overlapping arcs, either convergent or concentric. b. (Figures) - An error in which the free leg or fee foot is carried across the tracing.
Crown - The deepest arc of a loop. Curtsy - A two foot movement where the two front wheels of the trailing skate are touched to the floor directly behind and tracking the heel of the leading skate.
Cusp a. The point of any one-foot turn. b. (Figures) - The point of intersection of, and the two small curves, comprising the deviation from the arc. The size of the cusp for a three turn is one skate length. The size of the cusp for brackets, rockers, and counters is ‘a skate length’. Cut-offs - A forward Half Turn Mohawk or Choctaw Jump with the landing leg crossed in front of the free leg.
Cut Step (Dropped Chasse) - A Chasse’ during the execution of which the new free foot is moved against or into the line of travel.


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