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Terminologie "F"


F Position - A closed side by side relationship of partners where one progresses in a forward direction while the other progresses in a backward direction, with the bodies carried out of direction alignment and not tracking. a. Standard - The man is to woman’s right, his right shoulder and hip alongside and as close as practical to the woman’s right shoulder and hip. b. Reverse - The man is to woman’s left, his left shoulder and hip alongside and as close as practical to the woman’s left shoulder and hip. Fall - The lowering of the body by action of the tracing knee and ankle. The complete loss of balance involving body contact with the skating surface.
False Lean - Lean without maintaining a straight posture baseline. Figure - A prescribed movement symmetrically composed of at least two circles, but not more than three circles, involving primary, or primary and secondary movements, with or without turns. Figures are skated on circles, which have been inscribed on the skating surface.
Flat - No edge or edges. A straight line traced by the employed skate. A term used for four wheels rolling on the skating surface with no curvature of the skate. In spinning, the term used for four wheels sliding on the skating surface. Flat Back - A slang term, which describes the correct and completed landing of any backward, landing jump (without a hook, toe-stop assist, or cheat of any kind). A backward landing, which is completed on the same arc on four wheels on the prescribed edge according to the official description of the jump.
Flight - The skating of two, three, or four teams at the same time in an event of a dance contest. Groupings of the 8 contestant teams in a dance contest. The trajectory of a jump. The component of a jump in which the skater is airborne. Flip - A Full Turn Jump from a LIB take-off with a right (r) toe-plant, counterclockwise rotation, to a ROB landing (no toe-plant on the landing). Can also be done from a RIB takeoff with a left (l) toe-plant, clockwise rotation, and a LOB landing.
Floor - See Skating Surface. Flow - An unimpeded motion that proceeds smoothly and evenly without apparent effort.
Following - In the direction, which has been traced. The next step in a sequence. Acceptance by one partner of the harmonious relationship with the lead partner. Footwork - Specialized intricate steps used as an interpretive ingredient of a free skating/pairs program. See also Link Step. a. Primary Footwork - Footwork not using turns as an ingredient. b. Secondary Footwork - Footwork using two-foot turns as an ningredient. c. Advanced Footwork - Footwork using one-foot turns as an ingredient.
Forced Edge - tracing made with the weight outside the arc, or with the ankle dropped. Form - Posture, carriage, flow and motion reflecting smoothness and ease of performance while dancing, jumping, spinning and skating footwork.
Forward (F) - The tracing foot moving in the direction of its toes. Free - Not in use. Not in contact with the skating surface, or not carrying the weight of the body. Unemployed.
Free Skating - Individual and original composition of movement and pattern permitting complete freedom as to style and content. The basic movements in a free skating program consist of jumps, spins, and footwork, which are blended, in harmony with the skater’s choice of music. Free Style - See Free Skating.
Full Stroke - See Stroke. Full Turn Jump - See Jump.


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