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Terminologie "P"


Pace - The rate of movement of the employed skate and body around a figure. Pairs Skating - A free skating event in which a team consisting of a man and a woman performs a series of spins, lifts, jumps and connecting footwork in unison with a musical selection.
Paragraph Figure - A figure using two circles which requires the completion of both circles on each take-off. May or may not involve turns. Parallel -a. Position - Relationship of partners wherein hips and shoulders are parallel to each other. b. Take-Off - Both feet directly alongside each other and on the same arc at the instant of weight transfer.
Pat Lowe - A Full Turn Jump performed from a RIB takeoff, counterclockwise rotation, to a LIB landing (no toe-stop assist on take-off or landing). Can also be done from a LIB take-off, clockwise rotation, to a RIB landing. Pattern - The course in which a skater/team travels duringa free skating/pairs routine. The prescribed relationship of the steps of a dance to a dance baseline. a.Border - Steps of a dance having a prescribed relationshipto a baseline but without a prescribed location on the floor. b. Set - Steps of a dance having a prescribed relationship to a baseline as above and with certain steps required to be executed at the corners of the rink.
Phrase - A short musical expression or group of measures. The number of measures to each phrase varies with the type of music. Pisces - A jump variation in which the skater performs a partial backbend in the air with the legs and arms rounded backward. Also called an Arch Back Jump.
Pivot a. A rotation of the body around one side, sometimes with the use of the toe-stop of the employed skate. b. (Figures) - A movement during the change of feet at circle intersections; to facilitate the thrust required for sufficient momentum, and still allow the required tight closure of the circle. The trailing wheels of the thrusting skate hold the weight while the skate holds the line into the strike zone. The leading wheels slide until the skate is in a position not quite parallel to the long axis, then stopping the slide, sharply, but not violently, thrusts from the inside of the skate. A pivot becomes a hitching error if it does not occur simultaneous to the thrust onto the striking foot. Pivot Spin - See Spin.
Placement a. The rank achieved by a contestant or contestant team. b. The location of turns and take-offs of a given figure. Placed Step - Any step which takes the floor without a gliding motion.
Planing - A system of body inclination employing horizontal and parallel alignment of the head, shoulders, and hips. Point -Extension of the toes of the free foot away from the body.
Position a. Body - The relation of members of the body to the torso. b. Team - The relation of partners to each other. c. Parallel AND Position - Immediately alongside and parallel to the tracing skate. d. Angular AND Position - Immediately alongside and angular to the tracing skate. Posture -Body position used by a skater. Position which will create a baseline through the body.
Posture Baseline - An imaginery line from the center of the skating foot through the hipline and shoulderline. Primary Footwork -See Footwork.
Primary Movement - An edge or combination of edges not involving a turn. Principal Part of the Figure - Take-offs, turns, and changes of edge.
Print a. The trace left by the employed skate. b. The inscribed circles for Figure Skating. Program - The presentation by a skater of an organized system of skating movements, including jumps, spins, and footwork, which are blended in harmony with a musical recording. Also known as a routine.
Progressive - A step which moves ahead of the old tracing foot in the direction of travel, thus bringing the new free foot off the floor trailing the new skating foot. (International Dance) It should be noted that the striking foot is not crossed at the point of strike, yet the resulting free leg may cross the trace as it creates the impetus of the stroke.a. Crossed - A progressive in which the new tracing foot crosses the old.b. In Line - A progressive for which the new tracing foot steps in line with the old. Progressive Running Steps - A series of progressive steps executed on successive beats of music, not involving cross steps, chasses or changes of direction.
Progression - Movement of a skater or skates on the surface from one location to another in a continuous manner. Pulled -A take-off or landing which creates a new arc.
Pumping - The incorrect use of hitching and/or body movements designed to gain momentum in a spin. Pure Edge - An edge without variation in the degree of curvature.


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