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Terminologie "R"


Raised Chasse’ - See Chasse’. Recording (Music) - A musical composition reduced to some medium for reproduction over a sound system.
Referee - A commissioned official appointed by the director of a contest to discharge the duties as required by rule and prescribed for contests to be skated. Regular Roll - See Roll.
Requirement a. An individual dance or figure which the skater must execute or perform in a contest. b. Any rule or regulation which must be met by a member or associate member for any function of the respective organization. Revolution - A complete circle (360 degrees) created by the progressive motion of a body around a center or axis.
Rhythm a. Music - A pattern of strong, weak, and off beats which give a type of music its own individual character. b. Skating - The movement of the skater’s body in harmony with the music, or in harmonious relation with the movement being skated. RIB (Right Inner Back) - See Edge.
RIF (Right Inner Forward) - See Edge. Rise - The raising of the body by action of the tracing knee and ankle.
Rise and Fall - An interpretive raising and lowering of the body to impart rhythm and flow to a dance or figure. ROB (Right Outer Back) - See Edge.
Rock Back - The transference of body weight from the leading skate to the trailing skate without a change of speed. Rocker (Rk) - A one-foot turn from a forward edge to a similar backward edge, or vise versa, with the rotation continuous with the initial edge and with the cusp inside the original circle.
Rockover - A preparatory body weight shift from one side of the skate to the other, thus changing the edge of the employed skate. Permitting a parallel relationship of the skates at the point of take-off; necessary when moving from an outside edge on one foot to a similar edge on the other foot. A preparatory change of lean to permit a graceful transition from one lobe or circle to the next lobe or circle. ROF (Right Outer Forward) - See Edge.
Roll - A simple long or short forward or backward outside edge which is in the form of a lobe with the curve in the opposite direction to the preceding edge or lobe. A rolling movement is thus achieved which gives the step its name. a. Regular - A natural movement of the skates and body from edge to similar edge. b. Cross - A step from one edge to a similar edge with the free leg moved into the direction of travel across the employed leg before the step. c. Swing Roll - A roll held for several beats of music during which the free leg swings past the skating foot before returning to the floor at the “and” position. d. The constant, unimpeded flow of the employed skate. Rotate - The act of turning in a circular motion around an axis which runs lengthwise through the center of the body. To turn in a jump.
Rotated - The completion of turning in a circular motion around a an axis which runs lengthwise through the center of the body. The completed number of turns in a jump. Rotation - A circular motion of the torso in a horizontal plane. A movement of the torso around the posture baseline. (Dance) - a. Concentric - Rotation of partners at the same time around the same team posture baseline. Rotation of partners at the same time on the same arc. b. Non-concentric - Rotation of one partner while the other continues in the initial direction. Rotation of both partners at the time when each member of the team turns on a diverging arc.
Routine - See Program.


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