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Popis a přehled testů Adult Pre - Bronze


1. Forward perimeter stroking

The skater will perform four to eight straight strokes depending on the length of the ice and the strength of the skater, with crossovers around the ends, using the full ice surface and for one full lap of the rink (in both directions). Introductory steps are optional.

Focus: Continuous flow, strength and extension

2. Basic consecutive edges

  • Forward Outside Edges
  • Forward Inside Edges
  • Backward Outside Edges
  • Backward Inside Edges

Starting from a standing position, the skater will perform four to six half circles, altemating feet, using an axis line such as a hockey line. The skater may start each set on either foot, but they must be skated in the order listed.

Focus: Edge quality

3. Forward and backward crossovers

The skater will perform forward crossovers in a figuře eight pattem. It is expected that the skater will perform the transition between circles on one foot. Four to six crossovers per circle are recommended. Upon completing the forward figuře eight, the skater will perform a swing roli and change of edge to an open mohawk in order to tum around and continue the figuře eight pattem with four to six backward crossovers per circle. This move may start in either direction. Introductory steps are optional.

Focus: Continuous flow and strength

4. Waltz eight

The skater will perform the waltz eight, using large circumference circles, completing two pattems on each foot, and performed with control. This move may start on either foot. Introductory steps are optional or may begin from a standing start. The skater may mark the center.

Focus: Edge quality

5. Forward right and left foot spirals

The skater will perform right foot and left foot spirals down the length of the rink maintaining a spirál position on each foot for approximately four seconds with extended leg held at the hip level or higher. The skater mav be on flats and mav start on either foot. Introductory steps are optional.

Focus: Extension

Diagramy testů Adult Bronze

Forward perimeter stroking Diagram Video
Basic consecutive edges Diagram Video
Forward and backward crossovers Diagram Video
Waltz eight Diagram Video
Forward right and left foot spirals Diagram Video

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